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Reaching... the people of LaVista Park, Atlanta & the world.

Westminster Presbyterian Church has a significant local and international missions program. It spans a variety of different ministries to the poor, college students, refugees, church planting and church partnerships. Through this work, we seek to both provide financial and professional assistance to partner organizations, but also service opportunities for our membership.This page provides a snapshot of current missions efforts. Contact the church office for more information about WPC’s missions work.


Greg & Sue Stowers

Greg and Sue Stowers have been supported by the Westminster for as long as they have been missionaries (over 45 years). They have been serving with Greater Europe Mission in the north west suburbs of Paris doing evangelism and church planting. The three churches they started are totally independent and led by French leadership now. All are healthy and thriving. Greg and Sue have been very encouraged by the love and dedication of French believers. There is a dynamic in the churches especially among the young people who are fervent in evangelism. Several are entering into full time service. After years of work they are pleased see more and more good fruit.

Jud & Jan

Jud grew up in northern New York and attended Houghton College where he met Jan. Between his junior and senior years of college, he spent two years in Asia. Jan grew up in New Jersey. After two years at Houghton, she attended Thomas Jefferson University, graduating with a BSN. Jud graduated the same year from Houghton with a degree in writing. After marriage, Jud attended SUNY Binghamton (multidisciplinary Middle Eastern studies) and received an MA in political science from Temple University. Jud and Jan have three grown children: Matthew, Erin and Evan. After a number of years in secular work, Jud and Jan returned to m-- service in a variety of roles in several locations. They lived in the ME while Jud was the Enterprise regional director for Southwest / Central Asia, but moved to Europe when he became the Enterprise area director for strategy. They continue to live in Europe as Jud transitions to a new role of creating an international office in order to better connect with international partners and create new models for mission deployment. Jan serves as a leader for the Enterprise women’s ministry.

Syd & Nola Johnsen

Syd and Nola Johnsen serve in Sentani, Papua, Indonesia. They work in partnership with JAARS to provide Aviation and Radio services to Indonesian and Expatriate teams that are involved in the task of Bible Translation. They have served with JAARS since 1981 and in Indonesia since 1990. Syd, as the YAJASI chief pilot, is involved in training pilots and maintaining safety standards. Nola serves in a variety of administrative roles with YAJASI. They are now among the more senior ones in YAJASI and have found themselves more and more involved in the role of encouragement, mentoring and training of both Indonesian and expatriate staff. What really encourages them is to see the difference these efforts make in the physical and spiritual lives of the peoples they serve in the various stages of the Bible Translation task.

Roy & Carole

Roy and Carole have lived in the Middle East for over 30 years and serve as trainers for other workers in the area. Roy teaches how to use stories and parables (common ways of communicating in Arab culture) to share truth. Carole teaches strategies for learning language in order to develop relationships in their community. They are also involved in evangelism to neighbors and friends and have a passion for disciple-making. Their goal in discipleship is for both knowledge and obedience.

Franklin & Beth

During their first term on the field in the Middle East, Franklin and Beth used their career skills in video production and graphic design to help establish a media production ministry that is bringing the hope of Jesus Christ to the Arab world through satellite TV and the Internet. They were also actively involved in one of the few Reformed churches in their country.

The couple’s second term of service in Europe is building on their experience in the Middle East by providing professional video and graphic design services to MTW colleagues and partner ministries—particularly the International Presbyterian Church denomination (IPC) that has a variety of media needs for their growing church-planting work in the UK and continental Europe.

Franklin and Beth are also very active in the life and ministries of a local IPC church plant in their community that just began public worship services in mid-2016. IPC churches are growing congregations in rapidly-changing multicultural communities that not only expand Christ's Kingdom in Europe, but also become bridges for the gospel back to immigrant homelands.

David & Kathy North

David and Kathy North have served as church planters in the least evangelized cities of the Philippines since 1986. Currently they are planting a church in Consolacion, Cebu, a rapidly growing town of 100,000 people on the edge of metro Cebu. They work with teams of Americans and Filipinos to plant churches by sharing the gospel through friendships, neighborhood Bible studies, business studies, film showings, DVBS, sports, and other means. The goal is always to lead them to accept Christ, disciple them into mature followers of Christ and equip them to keep on spreading the gospel to their community.    The North’s recently completed a church plant in the city of Mandaue and are beginning the work of starting new churches in the the towns to the North of that city.

Alex & Maggie Halbert

From an early age both Alex and Maggie have seen God’s sovereign hand guiding them towards a life of fulltime missionary service. Through short-term mission trips, parents who loved the gospel, and a churches that preached the importance of missions from the pulpit, God has grown their desire for overseas missions. Alex and Maggie Halbert are currently serving with United World Mission in Stellenbosch, South Africa. They are part of the East Mountain team - a Christian learning community dedicated to developing and multiplying spiritually mature, biblically knowledgeable, and practically competent Christian servants. Alex & Maggie work mainly with the internship program, focusing on the interns’ physical needs so that they might better be able to focus on their spiritual growth.

Tim Kay - African Bible Colleges

After twenty years in pastoral ministry in the PCA, Tim and Andrea Kay joined the ABC staff team in 2015. Tim serves ABC in a dual capacity: teaching at the Uganda campus a semester each year and working stateside the remainder of the year, building and maintaining relationships with church partners for ABC.

After graduating from Belhaven College in 1989, Tim served the staff of Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. He then attended RTS Jackson, MS. Tim served as Assistant Pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for 5 years prior to his position as Associate Pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Atlanta which he held for 14 years.

The Kays first visited Uganda in 2012 through a ministry to imprisoned children called 60 Feet. They returned to Uganda in 2013 and Tim taught for a semester at ABU. Tim and Andrea are thrilled to be on the ABC staff working in the US and having the opportunity to serve in Uganda each year.


Donna spent 5 years working with refugees and other internationals in the United States. Currently, she is serving in East Africa with a team that is sowing seeds of the gospel among an unreached people group. The team is building relationships through business and English teaching and is sharing the Word with those who are open, with the goal that these people will start church-planting movements in their own culture. In her first year, Donna is focusing primarily on language study, but she will also teach English and help organize the curriculum of the English school while connecting with ladies and their families.

North America

Bill & Joy Boerop

boerupsWorld Thrust International, founded by Bill & Joy Boerop, conducts seminars enabling pastors and church leaders to implement the principles for beginning and/or strengthening their local church’s missions outreach. Young churches overseas who want to participate in what God is doing around the world are inviting WTI to train and equip them so that they can be a vital and active participant in the Great Commission. Scores of churches have become sending bases through prayer, funding and members becoming missionaries. This results in more individuals who have never heard the gospel coming to Christ and churches being planted where before there were none.

Vernon & Newton Frank

franks02Vernon and Newton Frank have been members of Wycliffe Bible Translators since 1970, when they committed themselves to missions in Westminster’s Missions Conference. They first served in Mexico on the staff of Jungle Training Camp. In 1980 they were reassigned to Peru, first serving at the mission Guest House in Lima, and later helping language teams working among the Quechua people in the Andes. They currently live in Fort Mill, SC., and continue with duties at JAARS in Waxhaw as retired volunteers, Vernon in Vernacular Media and Newton in editing for linguistic papers. They are also involved with a church plant in Fort Mill.

David & Lynn Frank

franks01David and Lynn Frank serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators as linguists and translators. Their initial assignment was in St. Lucia, where they worked 16 years to translate the Bible into their French Creole language. Since then, they have also served in an active role in completing the Gullah New Testament translation, which has been widely used in the coastal area of Georgia and South Carolina. Currently, the Franks are serving as consultants to a number of translation projects, specializing in Creole languages. They are also involved in conferences and publications, and David is editor of the Journal of Translation. Click here to visit their ministry web site.

Paul & Maggie Frank

Paul and Maggie Frank work in leadership capacities with Wycliffe in Washington, DC. Wycliffe’s mission is to participate in every people group receiving the Word of God in the language of their heart. Their ministry complements Wycliffe's primary task of Bible translation by safeguarding Scripture and many other publications for future use (Maggie's work as a digital archivist) and by working together with Christian and secular partners--often using Federal funding--to help ensure that people's mother tongues are firmly established in the life of their communities and, especially, their schools (Paul's work as director of Wycliffe partner SIL LEAD). When children begin their education in the mother tongue, they gain a strong foundation for life-long learning and value their heritage as speakers of unique languages--and they will be able to read the translated Scriptures.

Jonathan & Beka—Clarkston, GA

Jonathan and Beka have a passion to see the Name of Jesus exalted among all peoples to the ends of the earth, and have a particular burden for Muslim people groups. They labored in church planting in a closed Muslim country for 6 years before returning in 2010 to minister to refugees in Clarkston, Georgia. In 2011, their team planted a multi-ethnic church and lead a team of 5 families who labor daily towards raising up new church planters from among the one hundred plus nations in Clarkston. They are engaged in a Word and Deed ministry wherein we are the hands and feet of Jesus (friendship, education, food, clothes, interpretation, advocacy) while proclaiming to them the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ (evangelism, telling Bible stories, Kids Bible Club, distribution of Bibles and discipleship materials in mother tongues).

God has uniquely equipped Jonathan and Beka to work with Muslims in the United States by granting them the gift of fluency in the Arabic language and an extensive knowledge of Arab culture and people. There are tens of thousands of Muslims in and around Clarkston, and Georgia is now home to 81 Mosques (the majority of which are located in and around Atlanta). We believe that God has brought them here so that they may hear the Words of Life which they might never have heard in their home countries. God has already brought many into His Kingdom and we know that He is not finished yet!

Stephen Maginas - RUF Emory

Stephen and Lesley Maginas are from the Atlanta area and have been married for 10 years. They have two children, Gregory and Sophia. Stephen graduated from Colorado Christian University with a B.S. in 2002 and from Reformed Theological Seminary with an M.Div. in 2010. Lesley graduated from nursing school from Georgia College and State University in 2004 and has been serving as an RN since then. Stephen has been with RUF since 2011 and started at Emory University in the spring of 2013.

Michael Phillips - RUF Georgia Tech

Michael Phillips is a graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary in Saint Louis, MO. He grew up in Texas and attended Belhaven University where he studied Business Administration. It was at Belhaven that he first became involved in RUF and was able to work with his follow students as a Resident Assistant in campus housing for three years. After graduating college in 2007, he went on to serve as an intern with Lagniappe Presbyterian Church on the Hurricane Katrina ravaged Gulf Coast. Michael then returned to the college context, interning with RUF at the University of Tennessee from 2008-2010. Given a free Saturday morning, you would likely find Michael running, reading, cooking, gardening, enjoying sports, and spending time with people.

Nathan Dicks - RUF Boston University

Nathan Dicks serves as a Campus Minister at Boston University, planting a new chapter of Reformed University Fellowship (RUF). Since 2014, RUF has been serving BU students through Bible studies, pastoral counsel, providing space for Christian fellowship, service, and worship. BU is the largest university in Massachusetts and has an enrollment of 33,000 students. It is an urban, highly diverse, and extremely post-Christian campus. God has raised up student leaders to lead our group of about a dozen students to further reach the campus for Christ in the coming years.

Tracey West - RUF Georgia Tech

Tracey is originally from Savannah, Georgia. He did his undergraduate studies at Georgia Southern University where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. At Georgia Southern, he met his wife, Suzanne, in Reformed University Fellowship. RUF International at Georgia Tech is in its 13th year. As the RUF International campus minister at Georgia Tech, Trace is an affiliated chaplain. The vision for welcoming international scholars and providing opportunities to explore the Bible, is displayed through our weekly Tuesday night dinners on campus - in the Student Center. Every Tuesday, they host a large group meeting in the form of a dinner and bible study discussion. This opportunity provides a welcoming environment for students of all faiths, to openly read and discuss Bible passages. Tracey leads a Bible Study on Friday.

Atlanta Care Center

Atlanta Care Center serves as an evangelical outreach to women in Atlanta who are experiencing an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy. In a confidential, non-judgmental environment, prospective mothers receive help with their personal, practical and spiritual needs. The ministry provides counseling, pregnancy testing and ultrasounds that promote life-affirming decisions for mother and child. The ministry serves more than 100 zip codes and is the number one center in the country for receipt of hot-line calls from the nationally advertised number. Approximately 85% of abortion-vulnerable clients change their minds and choose life for their unborn after visiting the ministry. Click here to visit their website.

Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc.

Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. is a community based, indigenously-led Christian organization which exists to reach Atlanta's inner city youth and families for Christ. The ministry seeks to accomplish its mission by providing opportunities for personal, spiritual, family, and community improvement. Summerhill Community Ministries encourages, empowers, and equips youth and families to reach their full potential in Christ in order to impact others. Click here to visit the Summerhill Community Ministries website.